ITM Interactive Travels Map

Interactive Travels Map is a simple program originally designed to display the places I have seen on a first hand basis. It allows for interactive animation of any sequence of images on a 3D canvas.

Download Windows Installer (742 K)

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How to use

Step 1
Add all images for animation to the maps directory. Use low resolution images of JPG,
PNG, TGA and BMP formats.

Step 2: Optional
If you want to apply your images to a model other than a sphere, place a .3DS
or .X model in the models directory.

Step 3:
Run the ITM.exe and specify how many rotations between animation frames (1-infinity).

Step 4:
Specify the model you would like to load. Simply press return if you would like to
use a sphere.

[1 – 5]: Change color
[W]: Zoom in
[S]: Zoom out
[A] Turn view left
[D] Turn view right
[Q] Move view up
[X] Move view down

Up arrow: Spin “forward”/ Right
Down Arrow: Spin “backward” / left
Right Arrow: Increase Speed
Left Arrow: Decrease speed

[T] Toggle text on/off
[Y] Create season color change [buggy]




©2008 Lindsay Grace